Shelley Shane is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist   She has been working with families for over 30 years.

Shelley came to the Big Island of Hawaii with her family in 1991.  She currently lives, works and plays in Kailua Kona.  Shelley has 4 children and 6 grandchildren.

She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Behavioral Sciences and a Master of Arts in Professional Counseling with a Marriage and Family Specialty.

In addition to services provided on the Big Island, Shelley works as a consultant to the US Military, providing solution-focused support for US Service Members and their families throughout the world.

She also facilitates retreats for youth, adults and families to help them love themselves and communicate positively with others.

A passionate humanitarian, Shelley loves to travel and facilitate healthy communication for all people.  She has a vision of a positive, peaceful global society and is committed to helping support our planet's conscious evolution.

Love Yourself First